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Interview with businesswomen

Long COVID Interviews

As a part of the Long COVID Support Tool, we have released below the full interviews with our five experts and seven people with Long COVID lived experience. 

Our lived experience interviewees share their journey with getting COVID, being diagnosed with Long COVID, their symptoms, related conditions, strategies for managing symptoms. They also discuss how they have coped and come to terms with this illness and the change it has meant for their lives.

Our five experts share their research, knowledge of treating Long COVID and ME/CFS patients and their own personal experiences of either having ME/CFS or supporting whanau with this illness. 

Thank you Howie

These videos wouldn't be possible without the amazing work of Howie, who specialise in creating quality marketing content and internal resources for businesses and organisations. We are very grateful for their amazing work.


Can you help?

ME Support is funded entirely by grants and donations.

By donating you will be helping to provide valuable services that are not readily available through the public health system.

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