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Anna's Long COVID Lived Experience Interview

November 2022

Anna shares her journey with Long COVID, her symptoms of severe fatigue, tremors, seizures, body pain, digestive problems, brain fog, temperature imbalances, breathing dysfunction, light sound and sensitivities and the impact this has had on her life, work, exercise, friendships and family. She talks about strategies like pacing, noise cancelling headphones, tracking her symptoms, listening to podcasts, how diet has impacted her symptoms and how her faith, gratitude and positive attitude helps her keep moving forward. Anna also shares the challenges she had with being unseen in the medical system and how she finally got the support she needed. She conveys the importance of a support network, rest and asking for help and expresses the hardest part of the journey being the loss of her ‘self’ and not knowing what the future looks like.

Listen to audio here

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