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Tamariki (children) with Long COVID and ME/CFS

Useful Resources 


The Long COVID Kids website is extremely helpful for parents of tamariki (children) with Long COVID. They have a wonderful resource that covers a range of information including symptoms, management and treatment advice, and advice around communicating with your child’s education provider. They also have a link to a New Zealand FaceBook support group.

One benefit that can be overlooked is the Child Disability Allowance. This is not means tested, and can be paid in addition to the Disability Allowance for a child who requires constant care and supervision due to a disability or illness.


If your child has moderate or severe Long COVID or ME/CFS they may be eligible for this so discuss their case with Work and Income. It is also possible to have a disability allowance for each person in the household if needed.

Work and Income NZ

Long COVID Kids

This document developed by Long COVID Kids provides information, context, and recommendations for supporting our tamariki (children) and young people with Long COVID. 

One of the most common symptoms experienced by children and young people with Long Covid is extreme fatigue.


This blog discusses how Long Covid affects energy use, how children describe their fatigue and then uses their Pacing Penguins posters to share tips on how pacing can support recovery.

'Cautious Tortoise' has an easy to follow flowchart  that aims to gently guide parents and caregivers through the early steps of their child's recovery while supporting them to preserve energy to aid ongoing recovery.


While it is natural to want to 'get back to normal' after being unwell, 'pushing through' is ill-advised, and may prolong recovery time in some children.

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