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Dr Anna Brooks, Immunologist and COVID Researcher - Long COVID Expert Interview

December 2022

Dr Brooks talks about her interest in SARS CoV-2, Long COVID and ME/CFS. She discusses her research findings, the worldwide impacts of infection and what she would like to see happen in the future. She shares who can get Long COVID, hypothesis on the reasons why some people get Long COVID, why some can be impacted by vaccination and the involvement of blood clotting and dysautonomia symptoms in Long COVID. Anna also discusses how many people have recovered from the virus but may have ongoing mild symptoms such as impaired cognitive function, how COVID-19 has triggered underlying illnesses or exacerbating illnesses like diabetes and autoimmune conditions, how repeat exposure or infections is not a safe thing to do for our immune system and why exercise is not recommended. To finish, she gives advice for people with, and parents of children with Long COVID.

Listen to the audio here


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