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ME/CFS Resources

How to treat ME/CFS

This article published in the New Zealand Doctor publication in 2020 encourages general practitioners and other medical professionals to learn and understand more about ME/CFS.

4. Pacing and Managment Guide for MECFS (2).png

Pacing and Management Guide for ME/CFS

This resource developed by ME Action explains the basics of the management technique Pacing, and is a great starting point for beginning your Pacing programme. 

7. What Happens when you have a Disease Doctor_s can_t Diagnose - Jennifer Brea (TED Talk)

Jennifer Brea - TED Talk

What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose?

Jennifer Brea gives an informative and emotional talk about her journey with ME/CFS. You may recognise her from the Netflix film Unrest (2017).

This information collated by the Hunter-Hopkins Center gives advice for both patients and their medical professionals for those needing surgery under a general anesthetic. 

This document outlines the three primary symptoms of ME/CFS, as well as a number of other commonly occurring symptoms.

This presentation outlines what we know and don’t know about ME/CFS, the diagnostic process and ongoing support needs, as well as links to resources for patients and family of those with ME/CFS. Watching this presentation also contributes to GPs annual CME.

This document gives a great overview of ME/CFS, the common symptoms, and some information about management techniques, including Pacing. 

Richie Barnett discusses his journey and what it is like to live with ME/CFS. Richie captained the Aotearoa New Zealand Rugby League team in the 2000 World Cup, after which he retired due to ME/CFS.

Professor Warren Tate spoke at the ME/CFS Support (Auckland) AGM in 2021. This presentation covers some of his updated research, the relationship between ME/CFS and Long COVID, as well as contributions to the research around ME/CFS internationally. 

ME/CFS Resources
Dr Karl Mortens Presentation AGM 2023

Dr Morten spoke at the ME Support  AGM 2023 event. His presentation also includes his research in the UK into identifying fatigue, associated blood factors in ME/CFS, as well as developing a blood cell-based diagnostic test for this illness. He covered the importance of chronic Infections in chronic disease and the potential role of mitochondria, and our microbiome.

Long COVID Resources

2. Managing Post-COVID-19 Symptoms.png

Managing Post-COVID-19 Symptoms

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has developed this guide for those self-managing their Long COVID symptoms. It contains advice on managing fatigue, respiratory symptoms, and returning gradually to activity. 

This booklet provides support and advice for those experiencing symptoms of Long COVID. Developed by the Auckland District Health Boards, this resource contains advice on self-management of a number of symptoms as well as resources to use for tracking ongoing symptoms. 

Opinion Article by Patrick Hadfield, President, ME Auckland, Published on RNZ website 12 May 2022 

This contains an executive summary for Long COVID in the Executive Summary Document, then a full chapter on Long COVID in the main report (starting on Page 114).


Spring Newsletter 2023

Pic of First Page Newsletter.png

Summer Newsletter 2023

This issue formally welcomes two new staff members to our small team. We include a  link to our Interview of Dr Cliff Harvey - Clinical Nutritionist, a link to our video on 'Working with your Doctor or Health Provider', a research update on ME/CFS & Long COVID, a list of ways to 'Keep cool this summer on a budget, and much more.



Note: apologies for the poor layout of this Newsletter pdf - we will correct it in the new year.

Long COVID Resources
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