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  • Kate Duder

Marita - to all those with ME or other hidden diseases

Updated: Jun 5, 2023


A day in the life of ME by Marita


You work hard, you love it

You're busy, needed - the same as everybody else

Your mind wants to do it, your body does not

Payback always comes, you can't escape

Poisoned body parts, limbs that turn to concrete, can't move

A head too heavy, can't think, eyes too sore, can't see

The pain stops you sleeping, though it's sleep that you need

Feels like flu, but no much worse

You're stuck

You rest in bed patiently waiting for some relief, as that is all you can do

Family and children need you, housework always is calling

Friends carry on, life carries on

Acquaintances say you've had this too long it's too hard to be friends

You cruelly survive till your next glimpse in public, where you look fine

And try to be apart of what everybody else is doing, fit in

You go home, your body says again you've done too much,

And the cycle repeats for this cruel lonely disease

But you need to be here for your family, you see

And you know you're meant to be thankful, it is good to be

You've had so much worse, look how far you have come

Simple things give you pleasure, a garden, a flower in the sun

Life is always better counting blessings, you've found

And not giving up on hope till a cure can be found

So in your bed as you pray for today and dream of better tomorrows

You plead please don't forget about us

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